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Acetate sheet

Sustainable Acetate sheets for arts, crafts +more


Introducing our Sustainable Acetate sheets, the perfect addition to your arts and crafts collection! Made from renewable resources, these acetate sheets are an eco-friendly choice for all your creative projects. Whether you're into painting, card-making, or scrapbooking, these versatile sheets are sure to inspire your next masterpiece. The transparent surface of the acetate sheets is ideal for creating unique overlays, window cards, and other creative effects. Because they are sustainable, you can feel good about using them in all your projects. With their smooth texture and durability, these acetate sheets are a must-have for any art lover or crafter. Add them to your supplies today and let your imagination run wild!


All sheets are a byproduct of printing sheets.  They're near perfect but may have small creases.  Min order of 3.

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