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Bubble Wrap 

We collect the bubble wrap from various furniture stores, ensure that is clean and dry, then roll it back up.  
We have two types of bubble wrap.  Normal, day to day bubble wrap or furni-guard - this has an extra layer on it so it's ideal for a house move, wrapping artwork or ceramics. 
Please state which material you would prefer.

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Concrete Wall


With its silver damp-proof film, its quality literally shines. This flat, strong and flexible foam is an excellent protection from humidity. 

They can be used for a variety of uses.


  • Excellent impact sound reduction

  • Humidity and water vapour barrier

  • Light yet sturdy

  • Smooths irregular surfaces

  • Easy to handle and install


Each roll is 15m x 1m

Foam Rolls with Silver Foil Lining

Abstract Linear Background

Sustainable Acetate sheets for arts, crafts and more

Acetate sheets available in clear or frosted

900mm x 1200mm for creating stencils, covering and protecting photos and artwork, and many other craft applications.


Minimum order quantity -  3


All material has been removed from printing sheets.  The acetate sheets are near perfect.  


Hexacomb Cardboard Panels/Re-Board

Hexacomb packaging is a paper-based material that offers a unique combination of superior strength whilst being light-weight.


Perfect for shipping artwork and easy to cut to size.


  • Provides cushioning (prevents product breakage, dents, scratches etc.)

  • Outstanding shock absorbance

  • Fills gaps or holes = void filling

  • Reduces/eliminates product shift during transport 

  • Provides stacking strength up to 800 kPa at best ratio compression/weight/cost


        Panels are 1000mm x 1300mm 


        Collection only from D09

Returns Policy:

Please note that due to the nature of our products being used materials, we are unable to accept returns, exchanges, or provide refunds.

Thank you for your understanding.

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