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Hexacomb Re-Board Cardboard Panels

Hexacomb Re-Board Cardboard Panels


Hexacomb Re-Board packaging is a paper-based material that offers a unique combination of superior strength whilst being light-weight.


Ideal for shipping artwork and easy to cut to size.


  • Provides cushioning (prevents product breakage, dents, scratches etc.)
  • Outstanding shock absorbance
  • Fills gaps or holes = void filling
  • Reduces/eliminates product shift during transport (stabilize loads)
  • Provides stacking strength up to 800 kPa at best ratio compression/weight/cost
  • Provides rigid support, structure and stability

Our planet protected by using lightweight papers being 100% recyclable

  • Quantified sustainability benefits in CO2 footprint, transport movements and costs
  • FSC certified papers by default
  • Proven paper waste collection up to 85%


Panels are 1000mm x 1300mm 


Collection from D09

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